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    Was anyone under the impression that City were skint? I wouldn’t think so. What Guardiola said was that ‘EVEN’ and remember that word as it’s extremely relevant, EVEN Man City can’t get 22 TOP players in the books. That is true, neither can PSG, Real Madrid or Barcelona. In the modern climate of some truly fantastic teams you probably need a fantasy squad to win the lot. I personally find it an outrage that you can sit there and post about money, from a club whose impressive dynasty was in no small part down to having so much more financial power than their rivals. You’ve blasted that market for several summers, even though you are comparatively quite shit now, City are on a whole different planet to you lot now. I can’t stand Man City, they bought Barry, Milner and Delph, but I can’t sit here listening to a Man United fan wallowing, you’ve had moments most of us can only dream of, and now that you’re quite crap compared to the new big boys you can’t take it. I wish every failure on entitlement fans like you Mark. You, and not Man City, are what’s wrong with the game, you arch hypocrite.
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    Taken 4 stars Liam Neeson hunting down a missing English couple kidnapped by Matvienko Sergei during the soccer World Cup. 4 stars.
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    Alex Manninger (Pucchiacca) -> Mold FC (Free) Paul doesn't know anything about this deal but i've drove Alex down to Molds training ground and i've left him there.
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    I bet Marc got excited for a moment, thread started by Toony saying AFF Shares for sale.
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    @FC_Norwich and his significant other @E4C have tickets, they love yachts.
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    What's the aim? and are you confident of achieving it? Not to be relegated. No. Who have been your key players so far this season? We don't have any. The one we did have didn't fancy it and left. Who will play a big part in the remainder of the season? The mercy of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. What would have to happen to class the season as a failure? At this point the club not being immediately relegated to the Conference North for crimes against football could be chalked up as good going.
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    I don't think you're comparing apples here, you spent 19m on Ruud, 28m on Veron... that was in the early 2000s. This was considered as extravagant at the time. Now City are forced to pay 50m per player, because that's the market, I don't think it's a fair comparison
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    What the fuck is that TV? Looks like something you get in Peru.
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    Not bad, Shane Long has been passed around like a cheap bong.
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    I’ll buy it if I can ban everyone including myself.
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    Heroes of our time.
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    Not gonna lie I didn’t realise it was FM16 until about my 7th draft pick.
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    Does it require background checks if so no thank you........
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    Right! Me and Harry vs all you cunts. Outside. Now.
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    I'd use it but I put "you" in and youporn get suggested and I get a bit side tracked
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    Don't get me wrong, anyone who doesn't think City's spending is absolutely obscene and detrimental to the sport is an utter gimp.
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    Russia is happy to see all the fans. All absolutely! And the organizers of the World Cup 2018 and volunteers will help all the fans, regardless of nationality, religion, color, sexual orientation. But I'm not only a volunteer, after work I'm a simple Russian citizen and I have the right to invite the one I want. Irish, French, Tunisian fans, I would also like to invite and help them. Why do I invite an English fan? Everything is very simple. 1. I only know English ... a little. 2.On the countries who speak English, only England plays in Volgograd. So on this game will come English fans. But Ireland unfortunately did not reach the final. But if you come to the match England - Tunisia, then I will be happy to help you. Do you have a ticket? Ticket for the match I can not buy you :( :(: ( Come to visit me after the World Cup 2018! :) :) :)
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    You are late :) My daughter Julia married on July 5, 2017. She lives in St. Petersburg. She came to Volgograd to visit. In St. Petersburg, will also be held matches, but she does not have time to help the fans.
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    I'm Irish, not English. You don't really want to invite me into your home. I'll only drink all your vodka and badly tarmac your driveway.
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    If you can get around this far then you've done well. I holidayed 0 days too.
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    This is Libs chance to ban me and Teso.
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    I'll do all the draft transfers on the game, then we'll get the transfer window opened.
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    "Harry Kane has to take it on the chin" Nice one Martin Tyler.
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    Should have been fined before all this kicked off. He needed fining soon as he dyed his hair blonde, looks proper shit.
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    It's all Blackburn's fault.
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    He's faster than you but slower than Usain Bolt
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    I understood that there were no tickets. But I'm still posting my message I will not clean. At one forum already, were interested in my offer and offered to send me their bank details :) :) That's what I replied to them. Read, you should be interested. "Why do I need your bank details? I do not need them. I do not broker money for help. I will find and offer you a hotel, you will come and pay the hotel at the cashier of this hotel. I'll bring you to a cafe and you'll order and pay their bill. I do not need to pay anything. You write to me on the mail how I can contact you: Skype, Vibert, Votsapp ... Just by cell phone expensive. All this write to mail volga0825@gmail.com. In the message, ask questions. Write when you arrive? Do you need a hotel? What is the comfort in the hotel? What price do you like? How many people will arrive with you? If you are alone or with your wife, then you can stay at my house. And so on. Gradually we will solve all the issues. There is still plenty of time. Of course, I'll powder you to send me the skin of your personal documents: a passport (some of the figures can be painted over), tickets for a match and an airplane .... Let's talk Yet. I can order a good and cheap hotel not only for you, but also for 10-50 fans. But to meet in my car I can not more than 3. I have a car, not a huge bus .. But I can teach them how to book a taxi and they will call and order a taxi and will reach the specified address. How much will it cost for them to taxi I do not I know. And I'll ask you to pay me only the cost of gasoline - no more than 5 EUR from the airport and no more than 3 EUR from the railway station"
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    Theresa May would be a great Prime Minister if she was a completely different person.
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    Rooney dived. Poor Big Sol. I'll never forget.
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    Of that list I would not recommend San Junipero. It gets all sorts of love but it’s definitely way outside the norm for BM in terms of style, theme, etc. Shut Up and Dance would be a solid one to start with.
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    I think you're due another mega game Drai, I miss reading about your exploits.
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    Drai found you some new teams to manage.
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    Nah he was off banging one of their wives.
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    No This share stuff makes me laugh
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    Yeah I'll join it
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    Blacklist is on SKY1 if I remember rightly which isn't a great endorsement.
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    Hi! My name is Matvienko Sergei, I am an official volunteer of FIFA. I live in Russia in the city of Volgograd. I want to meet an English fan (not more than two, you can have a married couple), who HAS TICKETS FOR THE MATCH in Volgograd. I can offer a fan: to meet him at the airport or at the railway station; invite him to visit my home for a few days, or find a good inexpensive hotel; show him the city; possible cruise on the river Volga on a yacht; take him to the airport. If anyone is interested in my proposal, I will be happy to answer all questions and leave scans of my documents and contact numbers. I do not have the opportunity to buy a ticket for the game. Please write on this e-mail volga0825@gmail.com Thanks, Matvienko Sergey P.S. Tell me, please, where else can I put this proposal?
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    The map of the journey from the Airport is via the railway station and the Stadium to my house. All distances written on the map
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    Irish parents still going with the traditional names, then.
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    Englishmen always ask for documents when they meet on the site, in a cafe, at a stadium ....? :) :) Volunteer contract with FIFA I have no right to show on the Internet and I will not do it. Sorry, if you are an educated man, then you should know this :) :) Ok, I'll do the skin of my page (my volunteer ID is 895854). But all other documents, for example, my passport and my driver's license, I will not lay out here for everyone to see. I will answer all questions and we will exchange the documents ONLY with the fan who was really interested in my offer and he has a ticket for the 2018 World Cup. I will answer his PERSONAL MAIL. No one puts the documents on the site. I also have to look at his life: his pages on the Internet, what messages he writes, what photos he uploads ... maybe he's a member of some forbidden organization? I know that in England it is not customary to welcome guests, especially from another country. But we Russian is a common thing. We are hospitable and always happy to help. :) :) :) But my contract as a volunteer to my invitation to visit does not have any relationship. I invite you to visit as Sergei Matvienko - a simple citizen of Russia. To help the fan does not need anyone's permission. None of whom! The fan will fly to Volgograd by plane (train), and I will meet him. I'll take them to the hotel right away. In the evening I will take him to the cafe. In the morning, if I'm not busy at work, as a volunteer, then I'll show the city. In the end, I'll take you to a train or plane .. And everything will be much cheaper for you. And the car, and the hotel, and the cafe ... And it's cheaper not by 20-30 %%, but several times. Once again, I invite to visit not as a FIFA volunteer, but as a Russian citizen. If you do not need it, then come to Volgograd as a fan. At the airport, volunteers will be on duty, they will tell you how to get to the city center, will give a list of hotels .... Please take the bus and get yourself independently, like all the fans. By the way, I, as a volunteer, can be at work on the day of your arrival: at the airport, at the stadium, at the press center .... But if I know the time of your arrival, I can apply to the management to appoint me to another shift. Excuse me for bad English - I translate through Google :)
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    Can my chairman by Ric Flair please?
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    *chairperson This is an equal opportunity league.