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  1. Plus Damian Duff on Pogba
  2. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    VAR is great technology but it's becoming useless when you sit a fucking doughnut behind the monitor.
  3. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    So frustrated with this undeserved draw. Clearly better team through the whole game. Unlucky with hitting woodwork twice and silly mistake in defence. In one week time Camp Nou will be ours.
  4. Ligue 1 General Chat

    That league is a joke.
  5. FA Cup - 2017-18

    Those lines E: and the explanation behind this fuck up https://my.mixtape.moe/uicleg.mp4
  6. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    What a twist! Spurs need to apply more pressing when Juve is trying to understand what just happened.
  7. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    Aurier is a fucking doughnut. The guy is a liability. Didn't he learn anything from Real Madrid game?
  8. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    Tottenham back in the game. First conceded goal by Juventus in 2018.
  9. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    What a great save from Buffon. Despite being 40 years old the guys is still class.
  10. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    They need a goal to come back in because another goal for Juventus will kill them for good
  11. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Assist from Giroud. Morata must be jealous.
  12. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Sturridge managed to last 3 minutes before he came off injured. Great talent but unfortunately made of glass.
  13. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    United is not Chelsea in that regard they will stick to him unless things goes really really bad.
  14. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    1-0 Ritchie. There was absolutely no one near him.
  15. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    What the hell Sanchez was waiting for?