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  1. What Are You Watching?

    what was it called?
  2. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    I fucking hate Suarez, I want to puke every time I hear his name let alone look at him. He's still a cheating cuntbag, good to see he hasn't lost everything he learned at Liverpool.
  3. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    3-1 Barca,
  4. Last Film You Watched

    John Wick 2 - Enjoyed it, it's nice to watch a movie every now and then where you don't have to worry about following a plot. I'm looking forward to John Wick 3.
  5. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    Well that was an emotional roller-coaster ride! I'm so proud of the team and thay they never gave up. It would of been easy to just give up after going 2 down in 9 minutes, but they kept their chins up and were the better team on the night. They kept Juve pegged back and were just relentless with wave after wave of attack.
  6. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    You forget that we're 3 seasons in and have stats for those seasons to work off.
  7. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    Fucking get in there you beauty!!!!
  8. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

  9. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    wow, Lloris had it covered had he'd been on target
  10. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    2-1 Kane!!!!
  11. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    He was pushed in the back, even the commentators said it was a penalty and they're biased as fuck towards Juve
  12. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    That should of been a penalty
  13. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    2-0, it was fun while it lasted
  14. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    oh fuck it, great start!