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  1. Six Nations

    To be fair, that entire performance was pretty special
  2. What Are You Watching?

    I know it's an unpopular one, but I loved Fifteen Million Merits
  3. I don't like these restrictions on team selection at all. That time McCarthy got a fine was ridiculous. Window closing before the season start makes sense though.
  4. Soccer Manager

    It's shit, but it's actually the one position I have a reasonably ok cover for. I'm selling my backup for everywhere else, so injuries could cripple me.
  5. Soccer Manager

    Second game into Austria and my 10m striker Moussa Dembele gets a 6 week injury. Cock!
  6. Soccer Manager

    Signed and captained John O'Shea in Austria. I'm heading right for the top.
  7. The League of Ireland thread

    Best moment when of the opening weekend of the 2018 season
  8. What Are You Watching?

    Great show
  9. Harry seems to have already done it, but DA dumped a few players as well. Posted in the squad thread.
  10. FA Cup - 2017-18

    Think it's a bit ridiculous that people are calling for bans without knowing details of the incident. Sure it doesn't look great, but we don't know what happened yet.
  11. FA Cup - 2017-18

    If there's any truth to the claims that the fan Aguero went after spat in the players face, then Aguero should get to bitch slap him, in the centre circle of the Etihad, at half time during their next home game.
  12. I remember that alright, below was from Harry in the squad thread though. I'm sorry to ruin your dreams of signing Joe.
  13. Don't think you can pick up released players this window, so your plans are ruined. Squad is in tatters. Quietest window I've had but thankfully I managed to do the best bit of business and brought in the living God, John O'Shea.
  14. Match Chat

  15. Soccer FC release Allan McGregor, Dusan Kuciak, and Alex Bruce into the woods and drives away at speed