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  1. Boxing Thread

    Aye lad, had a bit on it. Just thought it was very good value
  2. Crazy Taxi

    I hope they stay up solely based on this story
  3. Last 16 - Real Madrid vs PSG

    I’d sooner Real Madrid goes through. Speaks volumes that out of both sides, they’re the team with some kind of morals. Fuck PSG, Neymar and modern day football
  4. Last 16 - Porto vs Liverpool

    Klopp out
  5. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Probably the same as what should’ve happened to you, you know losing your bet and not posting on this site... *finally got there*
  6. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Mixed weekend. Rafa won but we lost. Still in 2nd place and the treble is still on. Must beat Huddersfield on Saturday. GGMU
  7. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

  8. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Adam can fuck off
  9. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    I hope we get beat
  10. 2018 Winter Olympics

  11. Boxing Thread

    Groves 6/1 on points. Value
  12. 2017/18 Season Transfers and Rumours

    With your recent recuritment of going after average British players, I wouldn’t be surprised
  13. If City are skint....

    Can only afford to have 6 players on the bench.
  14. If City are skint....

    My favourite part of this post is calling him ‘Fraudiola’
  15. Deadline Day Discussion

    What ever you say, master