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  1. Championship Prediction League - Week 25

    Saturday 24th FebruaryBirmingham 1-0 BarnsleyBurton 1-2 MillwallLeeds 1-1 BrentfordNorwich 2-1 BoltonPreston 2-1 IpswichQPR 2-1 Notts ForestReading 1-2 DerbySheff Wednesday 1-2 Aston VillaSunderland 1-2 MiddlesbroughFulham 1-1 Wolves (17:30) Sunday 25th FebruaryCardiff 2-1 Bristol City (12:00) Tuesday 27th FebruaryHull 2-1 Barnsley (19:45)Reading 1-2 Sheffield United (20:00)
  2. What Are You Watching?

    To be fair, it's not really a show where you need to sink a few episodes into it. Nor is it one where you might think, "Well I'm not really enjoying it but I still want to find out what happens now so I'd better watch the others." Every episode is standalone. I liked Fifteen Million Merits as well. Didn't realise it was unpopular. I haven't seen season four yet but I think my favourite three episodes from the first three and special would be, in no particular order: White Bear White Christmas Shut Up And Dance
  3. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    1. As Merrington alluded to, the middle player both makes contact with the goalkeeper and obstructs his view just as the shot is coming in. 2. Did you skip the entire paragraph? I literally stated that it isn't offside before explaining why I disagree with the rule and think it should be.
  4. Last 16 - Sevilla vs Man United

    De Gea, Valencia, Young, Jones, Herrera, Fellaini, Lingard, Martial, Mata and Rojo for starters. At least three of those are probably simply due to getting better with age though, while two are constantly getting injured so rarely get a chance to show that improvement, and another two came from a starting point of "hasn't had a good game in years" and "went from a good winger to a bad winger to an even worse fullback". Still though, second time today I've seen someone make that claim and it's entirely false. The two issues are: 1. how much of their improvement is down to him, and 2. they're almost all defensive players.
  5. Championship Prediction League - Week 25

    Friday 23rd FebruaryHull 1-2 Sheffield United (19:45)
  6. Friday 23rd FebruaryHull v Sheffield United (19:45) Saturday 24th FebruaryBirmingham v BarnsleyBurton v MillwallLeeds v BrentfordNorwich v BoltonPreston v IpswichQPR v Notts ForestReading v DerbySheff Wednesday v Aston VillaSunderland v MiddlesbroughFulham v Wolves (17:30) Sunday 25th FebruaryCardiff v Bristol City (12:00) Tuesday 27th FebruaryHull v Barnsley (19:45)Reading v Sheffield United (20:00)
  7. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    That's my thoughts as well. Solved one issue but caused another by not being clear enough.
  8. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    First one is definitely offside. How can anybody say the middle one didn’t interfere with the keeper? Shocking decision. Second one isn’t but should be. The rules are an arse for cases like that. The player was offside when the pass was made, it shouldn’t matter if the defender then touched it en route.
  9. The FM Chat thread

    When I saw there was a new post in here and that the latest post was by Drai I got my hopes up and thought he'd returned to FM! Sadly not
  10. What Are You Watching?

    To be fair to David Lynch, he was forced to cut hours from the film. How it would have turned out otherwise will sadly never be known as the extended/uncut edition is apparently a myth and the cut footage doesn't exist in any sort of usable form. I live in hope that someone will do it justice with a TV series at some point because it is such a fantastic book. I must read the rest of the series some day.
  11. Fair enough. Our own fault for SJ assuming I'd be able to post it up and me agreeing to play a ranked match in the final hour of deadline day. Tom will be happy.
  12. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Took him bloody long enough!
  13. Assuming Atsu hasn't gone to SJ, which is fair enough as I hadn't confirmed it, then I guess he's back with me for this season. Unfortunate timing for Storts being ill.
  14. I was replying to you a few words at a time whenever I was dead and waiting for the next round to start But then I started doing quite well and didn't get a chance to reply. Came in here to post them and it was 11 exactly :(
  15. Not sure what the rules are on a deal being agreed before the deadline in PMs but not posted in here? I agreed to loan Tielemans to SJ but he went to bed and I was in a ranked CS:GO match so couldn't get on to post it. I would have agreed to loan him Atsu as well as he asked, but I'd be lying if I said it was actually agreed.