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  1. The FM Chat thread

    I think you're due another mega game Drai, I miss reading about your exploits.
  2. What Are You Watching?

    I watched a documentary on Netflix the other day called The Barkley Marathons. Absolutely fascinating. It's about an ultra-marathon in America that is over 100 miles long and the terrain is outrageously difficult - there has only been 15 people to have finished it in the 30 or so years it's been going. It was inspired by James Earl Ray's prison break in the 1970's, so much so that the course route actually goes underneath the prison. Naturally, the founder/organiser is endearingly batshit and features heavily in the documentary. Well worth a watch if you have a spare hour or two.
  3. 15 games remain

    What's the aim? and are you confident of achieving it? Not to be relegated. No. Who have been your key players so far this season? We don't have any. The one we did have didn't fancy it and left. Who will play a big part in the remainder of the season? The mercy of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. What would have to happen to class the season as a failure? At this point the club not being immediately relegated to the Conference North for crimes against football could be chalked up as good going.
  4. FIFA 18

    Used the Griezmann money to pick-up Nainggolan with about 40k change. Torn whether to spend that on Bonucci or wait to get the slightly more expensive Chiellini.
  5. I don't forget anything. PA is the same now as it was at the start of the game - that won't change. EDIT - Not aimed at anyone in particular, Drai. I've just seen a few players who just weren't very good on 16 go for draft picks or big deals.
  6. Does amuse me when people forget we're on FM16 and get mugged off for players that have only recently become good/known.
  7. FIFA 18

    I just qualified for the WL and in the process completed a weekly objective for playing 15 games. Got one of those 2 player packs and packed Griezemann again, can't complain with that!
  8. Oh yeah, Kris and his sexy medieval-style cue spanked me 6-1.
  9. Ryan Mason retires.

    A big shame, never nice to see a player retire at that age, especially when they'd previously been on the fringes of the national team - reminds me a little of Dean Ashton. He was linked with us before he joined Hull, although he'd probably still prefer the fractured skull and retirement with hindsight.
  10. FIFA 18

    I've not been impressed with the Laudrup cards I've used in the draft. Not enough pace for a winger.
  11. FIFA 18

    I used the prime Bergkamp card in the draft and he was disgusting, think he scored 7 in one game for me.
  12. FIFA 18

    Yeah I think that formation is brilliant as long as you have two fairly pace centre-backs on the outside of the three who can cover ground and snuff out breaks down the wing.
  13. FIFA 18

    Decided to switch to a Series A team after getting Hamsik from the SBC. It was a good idea, the attack is lethal. Gomez has 6 in 5, Mertens has 13 in 5, and Hamsik and Costa have chipped in with a couple. Might keep this team for a while!
  14. FIFA 18

    I just accidentally bought a Levante player for the 10k BiN price when trying to bid 2.3k. Just about sums my fucking luck up this year.