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  1. The League of Ireland thread

    What a mess! At some point during the upcoming season I can see him taking on a coaching role, he'll not be fit for the First Division, a division made up of a lot of young players who'll kill him for pace. He has experience, but I'd question if he's even arsed anymore and by looking at that photo, the answer is pretty obvious. As for Galway, I think you are in decent shape to go back up. It will be competitive in that Division this year. Bookies favourites to win the First Division unless I'm mistaken or it's changed with Finn Harps' recent signings. I'll be interested to see how Carlton gets on in Galway, he's a good prospect.
  2. The League of Ireland thread

    Newry City are on the way back up to the Premier aren't they? We could be playing up in Newry as temporary measure soon if/when the new stadium is being worked on! Would certainly be a better option than Drogheda.
  3. The League of Ireland thread

    Past takeovers in the league have all ended in disaster, our previous owners are probably the only ones who've left a League of Ireland club making a profit! It is nervy, but I think it's a now-or-never moment for the league and Dundalk FC. It's a massive leap of faith!
  4. The League of Ireland thread

    Cork City had a freakishly good season last year, spearheaded by a player who was on fire and was easily Championship level. We were in a season of transition after an unusually short pre-season due to Europe and losing 3 key players. It took Dundalk almost half the season to get back to the previous level and we cut a gap of over 20 points to 7 in the 2nd half, we recovered well but just ran out of games. This year we have had a proper pre-season, have become a 100% professional full time outfit. Cork City will be up there too and personally I think it's good to have at least one side competing with us. Looking forward to the new season! In terms of the European money it dried up quickly. Close to €500k corporation tax, a massive legal dispute over the lease of the ground with the previous owner Gerry Matthews and fee's owed to the County council, over €1m was spent relaying the pitch with next gen artificial grass and European bonuses as well as travel costs took a size-able chunk out of the European money. The club did make circa €3m profit from that European run but the vast amount of money was put aside to redevelop Oriel Park, which is in dire need of a face-lift. For Dundalk, or indeed any League of Ireland club to become a dominant force domestically like a Rosenborg or BATE Borisov, that would probably require consecutive or multiple season's in the Group Stages of Europe. In order for a club here to achieve that, it needs adequate investment. Hopefully this crowd is what the club needs to reach that level of dominance.
  5. The League of Ireland thread

    http://www.dundalkfc.com/us-investors-secure-100-stake-dundalk-fc/ Confirmed on the official club website this evening. Exciting times for the club. In order for the club to try and reach the next level, this type of investment is needed. The previous owners done a great job rescuing the club and bringing it to new heights but they admittedly couldn't take it any further and went about seeking the "right owner" to take the reins, they are confident they found the right crowd to take us forward. It's a leap of faith and hopefully it works out.
  6. The League of Ireland thread

    A quick glance at Cummins stats does suggest he hasn't got up to a whole lot. His wages won't be cheap so I'd imagine he is Cauldfield's replacement for Maguire which doesn't bode well unless he plans to use him to bring the likes of Sadlier, Sheppard and McNamee into the attack more. Cummins does hassle defenders and is an awkward presence but he is a serious downgrade from Maguire. I hope he does flop but he is a John Cauldfield style player which does worry me slightly. I reckon he'll get around 10 goals this season.. We signed Pat Hoban and Ronan Murray up front and I'd much rather those strikers/attacking players than Cummins!