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  1. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    For the first check the video at 7 and 11 seconds for the replay. The player is coming back in front of the keeper just as the shoot is taken. That’s blatantly interfering with the GK.
  2. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Completely agree with your point on the second goal, I would hazard a guess that the rule was bought in more to do with players playing a back pass and getting it wrong rather then trying to cut out a through ball.
  3. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    First goal I would say offside, it looks to me that the lad in the middle of the three is interfering with the GK. Goal number two is exactly the type of goal that annoys me and nearly an exact copy of my scenario arguement in the Liverpool vs Spurs game for Harry Kane’s penalty. Yes the defender has deliberately played the ball but he hasn’t got much chance of clearing that properly and he can’t leave it because he doesn’t know if the attacker is offside.
  4. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Hahahaha, this would be fucking hilarious if we go out!
  5. FA Cup - 2017-18

    I was only joking really, one of my best mates is a Birmingham fan and I still haven't forgotten about the league cup final and visiting him the next week to be greeted by pictures stuck on the wall of your lot celebrating he must have bought about 10 different papers the bastard. If true then I can't say I blame Aguero for his reaction, still he should get a one game ban. Not because he deserves it but then he will be banned for the Cup final.
  6. FA Cup - 2017-18

    You’re right, they did that 5 years ago while your shambles were doing jack in the Championship. In all seriousness though I don’t blame them for celebrating like that. City have got one ridiculously good team who are comfortably the best team in the country right now and the are flying high in league one, they are worlds apart right now.
  7. FA Cup - 2017-18

    Come on the ‘dale. They have been really good to be fair but I doubt they can keep this level up for 90 minutes, I can see them tiring and Spurs with the pace of Son and Moura will punish them if they do drop off.
  8. Crazy Taxi

    Nah he was off banging one of their wives.
  9. Crazy Taxi

    Boaz Myhill what a legend, I went to the same school as him but he was in the year above.
  10. Last 16 - Real Madrid vs PSG

    Massive bottle job from the referee not booking Neymar despite calling him up for a dive while on a yellow.
  11. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    It was poor defending but ultimately that goal doesn’t happen if Smalling doesn’t do that pathetic dive in the middle of the pitch. Newcastle very unlucky not to have a penalty in the first half. I was planning on a big post about the game yesterday but I just can’t be bothered repeating myself for the 50th time. I will just add that our second half performance was disgusting.
  12. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    All three of the active posters have all been in to post. I was in during the game but as I said earlier in the thread I went straight to watch Wrexham ten by the time I got home and sorted I was in bed to go back into work at 4. What else would you like from the arsenal fans?
  13. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Wouldn't worry about that we could be here all day and not score.
  14. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    We are a fucking shambles. Second half we just don't look interested, this could get embarrassing none of them seem to have a fucking idea what they are doing.
  15. Week 27 - Premier League Chat

    Resurgent after one win is a little over board. We are gash away from home and I don't see that changing on Saturday, this could get pretty bad with a woeful defending the only glimmer of hope I have is catching them on the break with Aubameyangs pace. It could be a really shit day for me. In work for 4am straight home for the game then taking my son to his first game to watch Wrexham and back in work for 4am on Sunday, it could be a really long day if we lose this one.