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  1. [FM16] The AFF Super League - Tactics

    @Stevemaniacs @Prince_Philippe_of_Albert @Storts @Rosberg @DarrenAmbrose @Arlo @Niall @Toony @el_sf-io @Nugget @The Opinion @Libby @ArteEtLabore14 @Huh? What? @Chester A. Arthur @Teso dos Bichos @A.V.F.C @stupid_journalist @Paul Llorente @Pam Pam Cameroon @Harry
  2. The FM Chat thread

    That is mightily impressive! How old were you when you won the Sky Bet League Two Manager of the Year award in 2130?
  3. The FM Chat thread

    I'm currently busy with a game like that, used to always only manage one club for like 10 seasons max. This game I sought inspiration from Drai, started at Hughton FC (with my SL squad), left after 4 seasons. Went to Criciuma EC in the Brazilian Second Division, got them up on the backs of Pele and Roberto Carlos reincarnates. The Brazilian season is very tough, first few months you take part in a State contested Cup. 2 matches per week. Then the league starts and it's more of the same. Play every weekend and midweek, so you need two first teams effectively. Might go back there after my current stint with the North Korean national team. Been here for 18 months, went from 125th to 71st in the world, but I've had to snatch players from other nations, as there were very few playable North Koreans on the game. I took two or 3 Lee's from S.Korea, even a Brandon Lee because it sounded authentic enough ;P Building that team around a young Ben Woodburn and Chong Te-Se, the only North Korean that was available. He's half decent, ended up at Bolton without me even touching his stats.
  4. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    Fair deal, the Ledley one. So for reference, if a deal is not confirmed in the official transfer thread before cut-off time, it is invalid?
  5. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    If you're referring to the Joe Ledley deal, I don't think there is an issue there, given that Cam said release him only if no one wants him
  6. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    Just need a ruling on the Tielemans & Atsu loan agreement; otherwise all transfers have updated in my post on page 8
  7. What Are You Watching?

    Watched season 2 of Dice, just as I got into it I read that season 2 will be the last of Dice. Decent laugh but probably not worth catching up the first season now.
  8. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    Cam's words were, unless someone wants them, release them. Joe Ledley was one of those players, so technically it is a trade between Cam and Drai with no money involved. The Tielemans and Atsu deal from Americarter to Hughton we need to assess - as Steve said I asked him to confirm the deal and then went to bed. Can we have a Chairman's ruling as we were both intent on the deal happening. Steve got busy and I went to bed...
  9. Week 28 - Premier League Chat

    Plus an Arsenal v Man City, good games indeed!
  10. Week 28 - Premier League Chat

    My my my, United v Chelsea on Sunday. Drab 0-0 or goals galore?
  11. Week 28 - Premier League Chat

    Premier League | FIXTURES All times GMT Saturday 24 February 2018 Leicester City v Stoke City King Power Stadium 12:30 AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle United Vitality Stadium 15:00 Brighton & Hove Albion v Swansea City The American Express Community Stadium 15:00 Burnley v Southampton Turf Moor 15:00 West Bromwich Albion v Huddersfield Town The Hawthorns 15:00 Liverpool v West Ham United Anfield 15:00 Watford v Everton Vicarage Road Stadium 17:30 Sunday 25 February 2018 Manchester United v Chelsea Old Trafford 14:05 Monday 26 February 2018 Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur Selhurst Park 20:00 Thursday 01 March 2018 Arsenal v Manchester City Emirates Stadium 19:45