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  1. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    AC Milan next, that's us gone.
  2. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    These lot just need putting down.
  3. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    2 down now as well haha, what the fuck.
  4. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Sick of this Europa team.
  5. Hmm barely on upgrade on Matty Jarvis, supposed he could do a job though, £7M pesos?
  6. I have £63M to spend, I want to spend it, but no one likes money do they... offer me your surplus wingers pls!
  7. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Yeah the thing is I don't think we can afford another player in that position that goes missing, we at least need a high work rate out of him, it's the same reason Ozil has been criticised for years.
  8. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    3-0 away, great result from the first leg but I thought we were pretty poor. They were awful at the back but we never really tested them fully, after their keeper spills the first one you're thinking have a few more pops at goal sharpish, but we didn't. Iwobi and Mkhi should have been direct and looked to get past defenders, just look at how they dealt with the second goal. I see why Man United fans were unconvinced by him, 1 quality performance and 2 poor ones now. After the second we sat off and again, teams continue to get to our last line of defence all too easily, Maitland-Niles finally got a chance in his preferred position but just wasn't good enough. Ospina showing Cech how it's done with the pen save at the end, probably gets my man of the match just for that, no idea who else would get the nod. Might be being a bit harsh, it's a big away result in Europe and one foot in the next round, but we aren't gonna get away with these performances against Dortmund, Atletico, Milan etc. I'd have thought with no game this weekend we could have put on a display as all.
  9. What Are You Watching?

    Yeah he's easily the best, I think that's what makes me less interested when the yanks come on.
  10. What Are You Watching?

    I quite like him actually, it's the guy narrating it I'm not keen on.
  11. What Are You Watching?

    Yeah Peaky Blinders season 3 was underwhelming, didn't like the Italian cunt. Watching Narcos at the minute, it's alright, although I don't really care for any of the American characters, just a bit bland.
  12. [FM16] The AFF Super League - The S3 Draft

    Fair enough, some really handy players left on that list.
  13. [FM16] The AFF Super League - The S3 Draft

    Can I spend £50M on another draft pick?
  14. Good man, bring them all in to work in hospitality at the stadium if they are at a loose end.
  15. Last 16 - Juventus vs Tottenham

    Shite from Buffon, it's 2-0 with Chesney in.