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  1. Boxing Thread

    Well done and cheers for the information, I was only gonna back Groves to win outright until you mention the 6/1 options on points, even though I thought that would be how he would win, I never checked the odds on that type of victory.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Probably going from his own situation when he quit after Barrera made him look like a chump.
  3. Boxing Thread

    He's a beast, a throwback, he doesn't need anyone to help him. It will change next time around if they are willing to change and adapt to the truth.
  4. Boxing Thread

    Easy money!!! You lump on it Mouse? Good fight, size told in the end.
  5. Last 16 - Real Madrid vs PSG

    Paris crumbling again. Bringing on Meunier to play at RB hasn't worked and Zidane bringing on Asensio has very well.
  6. Boxing Thread

    Eubank Snr been doing this for a while now, I don't know whether he is being sincere as he knows full well what bad things can happen to your opponent or yourself in a boxing ring, but he likes to tell everyone that his son is basically a killer in the ring and the ref needs to be read to protect his opponent from himself, it could be legit or he is trying to put doubt in the ref's mind so that if Eubank Jnr is landing one of this flashy combinations that the referee may just stop the fight. He may be trying to get into Groves head because of what happened to Gutknecht after Groves beat him over a year ago and the injuries he has been left with. It's a brutal, dangerous sport and things like this being bought up still isn't in good taste. Everyone knows the risks and it doesn't need to be highlighted before a fight. Putting all that aside, Groves vs Eubank Jnr is an excellent 50/50 fight, I can make a serious case for both fighters to win, but with having to pick, I'm edging towards Groves taking it on a close points decision.
  7. Week 26 - Premier League Chat

    Watford turned it back round real quick, quality finish from Pereyra to make it 4-1.
  8. Week 26 - Premier League Chat

    Nice turn, swivel and finish from outside the box there from Hazard, 1-1.
  9. Boxing Thread

    Gassiev vs Dorticos for the IBF and WBA Cruiserweight world titles live now on ITV4, first round just finished, fun stuff.
  10. Boxing Thread

    The rematch is on!!!
  11. Official UFC Thread

    It doesn't need to hold up both weight classes, the UFC made McGregor choose what title he wanted to hold when he was in possession off both the Featherweight and Lightweight titles, so you would assume it would be the same case here if Cormier was to pick up the win. I think the bigger issue is having guys win titles and then not defending them for ages whilst they bring out interim titles and then letting them make defences of such a title, whilst the real one is chillin with a guy who is injured or not sure if he wants to fight again. I like to see guys step up out of their comfort zone and take a risk to make extra history, besides a rematch against Gustafsson with Jones out the picture there really isn't anything for Cormier to prove or do at 205lbs. Miocic has cleared out most of the top guys and the new pretender who a lot of people thought was going to put him to sleep within a round. I can for him only really see a rematch against Werdum right now with Velasquez out and a fight with Cormier is bigger and possibly more dangerous.
  12. Official UFC Thread

    That fight makes sense, Cormier has shown himself as a beast at heavyweight before and physically looks like he has been struggling to make the 205lbs Light-Heavyweight limit for a while now. If Velasquez isn't ready to fight Miocic still yet, Cormier should, be a fight I look forward to watching.
  13. Boxing Thread

    It's not on PPV, just regular Sky Sports. I won't believe this fight is happening until I see them in the ring on fight night and blows start being thrown. If it does finally happen this time I'm still sticking with Ortiz to bang Wilder out within eight rounds.
  14. Injury Thread

    I can understand why he still wants to try coming back, but after being out for so long and now basically saying he hopes to be back playing in another 12 months time at earliest it doesn't look good and I think he'd do well to just retire and enjoy his life without causing more problems to the injury he has. I wonder what we will do with his contract coming up as we have the option of extending for a further year, but hard to justify extending it, but of course it would be somewhat cruel to just let him go and after some of the other one year extended contracts we have given to other players in recent years who have barely played a game in that year. We've missed him big time.
  15. Hughes sacked, Lambert appointed as replacement

    Gillette Soccer Saturday reaction to him rejected this job was priceless!!!