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  1. What Are You Watching?

    All three from the first season are decent enough in their own right, Fifteen Million Merits is definitely the worst but it had an interesting premise at first. I thought the fella in Entire History Of You was good. I'm about half way through Be Right Back, it's alright so far, nothing special.
  2. What Are You Watching?

    Right then.
  3. What Are You Watching?

    Watching the first episode of Black Mirror as we speak.
  4. [FM16] The AFF Super League - Tactics

    Cracking, thanks mate.
  5. [FM16] The AFF Super League - Tactics

    Not yet, will try and get them done at the weekend.
  6. Let's get these in now people as we get closer and closer to Season 3 of the AFF Super League. If you want your tactics to remain the same, just say. If someone could tag people that'd be great as mine rarely lets me.
  7. Yes, that's always been the case, think it was even in the original post. I've only just seen Cam's actual post, so Drai can have him.
  8. I'll say that one's invalid too, mainly a personal thing as I prefer for released players to still be out there for the following season/to make the cups somewhat more challenging for the SL teams. If enough managers want that changed, I can look into it for next season.
  9. Tielemans deal is invalid, don't know what the Ledley thing is.
  10. What's all this about a controversial deal then? Once the transfers are done on the game I'll start asking for people to send me tactics.
  11. I'll be away from tonight until after the window. If you need anything, @Prince_Philippe_of_Albert has volunteered to provide people with necessary screenshots.
  12. Even more for Season 4 xo
  13. Nah, we tried that a few seasons back but it didn't work out great.
  14. I still remember the days when he tore it up in the original Super League alongside Grant Holt. @Storts
  15. He seems it. It's more that I don't trust Lib with the 55m and Cook/Long are hardly worldbeaters.