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  1. Last 16 - Sevilla vs Man United

    Christ that was awful.
  2. The Dead Thread 2018

    Aye. Ironically Graham was so radical to the Westboro Baptist Church and Phelps that they used to make their parody videos about him croaking. Says a lot about those biffs when Graham was made to look far more likeable despite being such a dangerous cunt.
  3. The Dead Thread 2018

    Think Fred Phelps dialled down to 8.5.
  4. The Dead Thread 2018

    Bigoted old cock chops Billy Graham has shuffled off this mortal coil.
  5. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    You're getting as bad as Arlo you mind, Cam. How dare you have lives outside of this place.
  6. What Are You Watching?

    Open House. What the fuck?
  7. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    Nice work SJ.
  8. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    Karius is available
  9. FIFA 18

    I'll throw my Bergkamp up there for his max BIN. You can take him off me if you've got that many coins sat there doing nowt @Chester A. Arthur? Go on, be a pal.
  10. FA Cup - 2017-18

    Goal ruled out for Mata by VAR. Looked just on...?
  11. Crazy Taxi

    Bet Super Pards was in the boot
  12. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S3 Transfer Window

    Champion. Matty Phillips -----------> Mouse FC £7M ----------------> Yohan's Kebabs