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  1. I still need to play @Harry. Did @Prince_Philippe_of_Albert and @Niall play?
  2. Last 16 - Porto vs Liverpool

    Match Chat here.
  3. AFF Share For Sale

    You offered it to me for £25?
  4. AFF Share For Sale

    Hi, Anyone who fancies joining Storts & I on the admin team, @Russ is willing to part with his share in the forum for £25. I believe we can take this forum places but it's going to take time, so anyone who fancies jumping on board, let Russ know! Cheers
  5. Can't tonight mate, maybe tomorrow night?
  6. Go for what El said.
  7. When you fancy this @Harry?
  8. Week Three @ArteEtLabore14 BYE @Harry vs @Toony @Niall vs @Prince_Philippe_of_Albert @Stevemaniacs 1-6 @stupid_journalist DEADLINE - SUNDAY 11TH FEBRUARY
  9. Give you until the end of week 3 (next Sunday) to get it done @ArteEtLabore14 @Harry
  10. If you pick me three players for the draft I'll do my best but I can't promise I will be that active with it.
  11. No worries, try get it in tomorrow if you can.
  12. Deadline tomorrow for @ArteEtLabore14 vs @Harry