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  1. Here all the maps of the Battle of Stalingrad http://battle.volgadmin.ru/maps/ And this is a map for 9.10 - 18.11. 1942
  2. What are you talking about? About me? If about me, then I'm real :)
  3. In Stalingrad, Soviet soldiers had nowhere to flee. The Germans pressed us to the Volga River. In some places, the distance from the line of defense to the river was only 50 meters. The river Volga can not swim even without clothes. Field Marshal Paulus was captured in the basement of the central department store. The basement is 730 meters from the Volga River. There are also our military maps and German maps. It is a fact. Think about who, how and where could shoot "escaping" in the back. /////// In any case, Russia defeated Germany. And it was not Stalin who won, but the Russian soldier !!! The total number of captured Wehrmacht fighters and their allies for the period July 1942 - February 1943 is unknown, so the prisoners were taken by different fronts and passed through various accounting documents. The figure of 91 545 people who were captured at the final stage of the battle in the city center of Stalingrad from January 10 to February 22, 1943, including about 2,500 officers, 24 generals and Field Marshal Paulus, is accurately known. About 500 thousand fascists were destroyed (about 300,000 Germans, German allies (Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Croats) - about 200,000 people). This is ONLY during the Battle of Stalingrad. According to W. Churchill, the armed forces of Britain during the Second World War lost 303,240 people killed and missing. The city of Stalingrad was destroyed COMPLETELY. You can see the photos on this site. Watch attentively. - There is a photo and Soviet and German. https://ribalych.ru/2014/02/14/stalingradskaya-bitva-realnye-fotografii/ You will not regret
  4. Today I looked at the availability of hotels in Volgograd and tried to book seats on 18.06.2018. I was amazed. In many hotels there are no more places for this time. Prices for this time have grown several times .. And this is for today. I think whoever has not booked the hotel should look for a simple apartment that people are renting. But there are no such variants on special sites - we need to search for private ads. I think that the moderators of this site allow me to give links to sites in Russia - this is not a competition. Translate it yourself through Google. Here you can see and book hotels Here you can read newspaper articles about the hotel (some fans booked hotels in the summer of 2017)
  5. Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. The Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943) was a major confrontation of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd). The Battle of Stalingrad is the most bloody battle in human history. King of Great Britain George VI presented Stalingrad with a donation sword The acid-etched inscription in Russian and English reads: "ГРАЖДАНАМ СТАЛИНГРАДА • КРЕПКИМ КАК СТАЛЬ • ОТ КОРОЛЯ ГЕОРГА VI • В ЗНАК ГЛУБОКОГО ВОСХИЩЕНИЯ БРИТАНСКОГО НАРОДА TO THE STEEL-HEARTED CITIZENS OF STALINGRAD • THE GIFT OF KING GEORGE VI • IN TOKEN OF THE HOMAGE OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE". On 29 November 1943 it was presented to Marshal Joseph Stalin by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at an afternoon ceremony during the Tehran Conference in the presence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and an honour guard.
  6. The map of the journey from the Airport is via the railway station and the Stadium to my house. All distances written on the map
  7. And why did you surrender? Is it difficult to buy a ticket? Do you find it difficult to navigate in a foreign city and country?
  8. I understood that there were no tickets. But I'm still posting my message I will not clean. At one forum already, were interested in my offer and offered to send me their bank details :) :) That's what I replied to them. Read, you should be interested. "Why do I need your bank details? I do not need them. I do not broker money for help. I will find and offer you a hotel, you will come and pay the hotel at the cashier of this hotel. I'll bring you to a cafe and you'll order and pay their bill. I do not need to pay anything. You write to me on the mail how I can contact you: Skype, Vibert, Votsapp ... Just by cell phone expensive. All this write to mail volga0825@gmail.com. In the message, ask questions. Write when you arrive? Do you need a hotel? What is the comfort in the hotel? What price do you like? How many people will arrive with you? If you are alone or with your wife, then you can stay at my house. And so on. Gradually we will solve all the issues. There is still plenty of time. Of course, I'll powder you to send me the skin of your personal documents: a passport (some of the figures can be painted over), tickets for a match and an airplane .... Let's talk Yet. I can order a good and cheap hotel not only for you, but also for 10-50 fans. But to meet in my car I can not more than 3. I have a car, not a huge bus .. But I can teach them how to book a taxi and they will call and order a taxi and will reach the specified address. How much will it cost for them to taxi I do not I know. And I'll ask you to pay me only the cost of gasoline - no more than 5 EUR from the airport and no more than 3 EUR from the railway station"
  9. Hero-City Volgograd, Monument-Ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" with the main monument "Motherland Calls!"
  10. I like England. I read a lot of books and watched a video about England. England and Russia together defeated fascism in the Second World War in 1945. I heard everything, ABSOLUTELY ALL, the Beatles songs. I have all the albums of Led Zepplin - the greatest rock band in the world. John Henry Bonham "Bonzo" is my most favorite drummer in the world. Everyone is knocking and knocking well on the drums, but Bonzo PLAYS on the drums.
  11. Are tickets already sold in England? Do any of the members of the forum already have them on hand? The question is for those who have tickets: Individual tickets? You can sell them to your friend, brother ...?
  12. Russia is happy to see all the fans. All absolutely! And the organizers of the World Cup 2018 and volunteers will help all the fans, regardless of nationality, religion, color, sexual orientation. But I'm not only a volunteer, after work I'm a simple Russian citizen and I have the right to invite the one I want. Irish, French, Tunisian fans, I would also like to invite and help them. Why do I invite an English fan? Everything is very simple. 1. I only know English ... a little. 2.On the countries who speak English, only England plays in Volgograd. So on this game will come English fans. But Ireland unfortunately did not reach the final. But if you come to the match England - Tunisia, then I will be happy to help you. Do you have a ticket? Ticket for the match I can not buy you :( :(: ( Come to visit me after the World Cup 2018! :) :) :)
  13. You are late :) My daughter Julia married on July 5, 2017. She lives in St. Petersburg. She came to Volgograd to visit. In St. Petersburg, will also be held matches, but she does not have time to help the fans.
  14. My volunteer personal cabinet FM-2018. I repeat once again: I invite to visit not as a volunteer, but as a citizen of Russia.