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  1. Soccer Manager

    I drew 1-1 in 502, thought that me out of the title already then noticed Reading got trounced by Teso. Well done @Teso dos Bichos. Don't even know if he posts on here anymore, well quiet these days but well done anyway.
  2. What Are You Watching?

    I didn't watch it last night, i stuck Netflix on intending to watch it but it had the documentary there i'd been wanting to watch about the bloke who was stitched up for a murder that he didn't commit. His only hope of getting off was footage from a Dodgers game he was at at the time of the murder. His lawyer had to get in contact with HBO and Curb Your Enthusiasm to see if they had any high res footage of the bloke. Was an interesting watch.
  3. The Dead Thread 2018

    Actress Emma Chambers from The Vicar of Dibley. She was only 53.
  4. The Dead Thread 2018

    Eddie Amoo (74), singer for The Real Thing, known for songs like "You To Me Are Everything" and "Can't Get By Without You".
  5. FIFA 18

    There were people on reddit complaining about drained stamina after the last patch. It wasn't on the patch notes but a lot of people seemed to think they fiddled with the stamina of players.
  6. FIFA 18

    They do it every year around this time, just changing them based off the season they're having. Quite a few of the City team have been given boosts like Otamendi, Sane, Sterling and Fernandinho. Oddly Morata got one for Chelsea.
  7. FIFA 18

    I don't know who you have now so i'll just leave the link, you can have a look. https://www.futbin.com/18/rating-refresh?page=1 Remember normal cards don't go up automatically, you have to buy them.
  8. What Are You Watching?

    I think i'll give it a watch tonight then if its standalone episodes. I remember giving Trailor Park Boys and Sleepy Hollow plenty of episodes and i just couldn't get into them, i even went and looked to see which TPB's episodes were highly thought of and watched them and i still didn't enjoy it. Didn't wanna do that with Black Mirror so knowing each episode is standalone is good shit in my books.
  9. What Are You Watching?

    Shut up and Dance, San Junipero and/or White Christmas would be good ones to try then? Seen them mentioned most on this page.
  10. What Are You Watching?

    I've always avoided Black Mirror because i know absolutely nothing about it. Don't wanna waste time on a few episodes then realise its not for me.
  11. Last 16 - Sevilla vs Man United

    De Gea was already performing at a high standard under LVG, has he improved under Mourinho? for me no, he's still playing to his high standards. Valencia fair enough, Jones i don't know, for me hes the same as LVG's era, performs well, peforms shit, gets injured. Thats basically Phil Jones since he arrived at the club. Herrera was good last season, been bad this season. Fellaini aye, Lingard aye. Martial for me was better under LVG who gave him a good run of games, under Mourinho he's in and out all the fucking time, can't get any rhythm. Mata not for me and Rojo aye. Don't agree with some, agree with others. Also you saying what i put being entirely false wasn't. I said its hard to think of many, i didn't say no players have improved under him. I had Rojo, Fellarni and Lingard down, Valencia was a good call, i forgot about him. Some of the others though i think are performing the same as they were under LVG or worse.
  12. Last 16 - Sevilla vs Man United

    He deserves better than us. If he left this summer i wouldn't blame him. Martial deserves better too, was on top form until Sanchez came in then Martial gets moved over the the RW to accommodate him or gets totally dropped. Its no secret on here but i can't fucking stand the man, i called LVG but as a person i liked him, it was just his football that sucked. I hate everything about Mourinho and his football sucks too. That Sevilla game was as bad as any LVG shite. Since being at the club its hard to think of many players that have improved under him.
  13. Soccer Manager

    I had that last season in the Div 5 game we're all in (apart from you), i signed Grafite, he played a game or two then got injured for 5 weeks. By the time he came back his transfer ban was nearly up and i sold him.