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  1. Friday 23rd FebruaryHull 1v1 Sheffield United (19:45) Saturday 24th FebruaryBirmingham 2v1 BarnsleyBurton 0v1 MillwallLeeds 1v1 BrentfordNorwich 3v0 BoltonPreston 1v0 IpswichQPR 1v1 Notts ForestReading 1v2 DerbySheff Wednesday 2v2 Aston VillaSunderland 1v3 MiddlesbroughFulham 2v1 Wolves (17:30) Sunday 25th FebruaryCardiff 2v1 Bristol City (12:00) Tuesday 27th FebruaryHull 1v1 Barnsley (19:45)Reading 2v1 Sheffield United (20:00)
  2. Last 16 - Sevilla vs Man United

    He's always been this way. A Jose team away in europe is never has or is going to be glamorous. It just gets highlighted more because its moved on from playing that way to a more attacking style, looks archaic when you see Liverpool or City going away and hammering teams by 4 and 5. Especially with Lukaku, Pogba, Martial, Rashford, Mata, Sanchez etc at his disposal it seems mad hanging for a 0-0 with ropey defenders like Jones/Smalling/Lindelof at the back. Then again generally always goes deep so you can't say it doesn't work.
  3. What Are You Watching?

    I’ve just finished the last episode after starting the other day. Shut up and dance. White bear White christmas/Playtest (couldnt decide) Everyone always said San Junipero was the best before I started, good but not my favourite.
  4. FIFA 18

    Mbappe. Fucker isn't selling though. Quite like the look of that IF Alex Sandro LW card out this week.
  5. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    So frustrating. Should have won it. Conte did that to perfection, apart from one bad pass. Barca are still absolute shitebags though.
  6. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    All that hard work undone by a hospital pass. Wouldnt mind but Barca have been poor, not created anything and we gift them that.
  7. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    2 fit strikers. Starts neither of them at home in the biggest game. Sigh.
  8. Italian Football 2017/18

    On a football podcast I listen to a guy was saying this was going to happen. Think it was the NY Times that did a thing on that Chinese fella saying it was all abit dodgy https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/16/business/dealbook/china-soccer-acmilan-ownership.html That Elliot group aren't good people either apparently. They're gonna have to sell all their good players aswell he was saying, which means they'll be fucked for a few more years.
  9. Last 16 - Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Moses winner. Calling it now. God I hope we turn up today, been hit and miss in the big games so far but mostly down to Conte going 3-5-2 but that shouldn't be an option with Bakayoko injured today. Need to approach it like the Atletico game, get in their faces early and don't let them settle. If ever Hazard needs to prove himself on the big stage, its tonight. Needs to have the game of his life.
  10. Last 16 - Roma vs Shakhtar

    No one cares.
  11. FA Cup - 2017-18

    Season long ban for Aguero while we’re at it aswell.