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  1. Official UFC Thread

    Poison in what way? Substance cheating or his other drug fueled antics? Can't argue that if DC squashed him finally it'd be a superb story though and one to go out on and I'm a JBJ fan(of his fighting at least). I feel Stipe and Cormier have a similar thing going on with the lack of respect they have been shown by fans and arguably the business over the last few years, now recently having both turned fully face in everyone's eyes on the nice humble underrated guy tip, I prefer a larger contrast in personality myself but it's still a top notch matchup in ability. I really hope it's not Manuwa he's a boring stiff cunt with a hard punch who should concentrate on cashing in on that David Hayes shit fest.. is he considered popular amongst UK fans? TILL is a must on this card! I'd way rather watch him against anyone, even in the Main Event, Nelson would be ace, Wonderboy I'd find hard to watch cos I really like him but can see Till smashing him to bits, good kick off though.. I'd love to see him smash Mike Perry but he's a bit shit really. Bisping vs Machida is what Dan Hardy wants, I'd be well into that! Hes having doubts about fighting in London at all though i think now cos his family and coaches just seemed to have realised his eyes are fucked.
  2. Official UFC Thread

    Ah another Champ vs Champ match, I love these 2 but I'd much rather DC's last fight be a final attempt at the Bones Jones hurdle. I can't really see Stipe out wrestling DC, but if either one can beat the other, either have strong cases for the P4P best of all time I reckon. Any predictions for the London Main Event?
  3. Bazoer please. Trawling through trying to find a defender young enough and good enough to fit the bill, I guess Nyom will have to do for another year.
  4. Official UFC Thread

    Indeed a crazy fight! I enjoyed Stipe And DC performances tonight they absolutely killed it. We need to see more Darren Till.
  5. Suggestions & Ideas

    I'd like to see a strong attempt at bringing the funk SoUlDefEnDer brother back
  6. The Either Or Game

    Shaqiri for me, Bolasie is probably the more consistent performer more fast and direct but Shaqiri scores insane goals, has scored more goals in less time, more caps and goals for country , enjoyably rare physique. Interesting comparison though as Bolasie has legitimately gone to bigger clubs in a clear progression imo, The Alpine Messi on the other hand has the infamous reverse career tag that doesn't favour him, at just 26 though I still think Shaqiri has a lot more to offer and will make an upwards to a Champions League team if he ever leaves Stoke, Bolasie I reckon will roughly stay at the level he's at. Rashford or Walcott
  7. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S2 Matchday Chat

    Half taking the piss of our new lord and savour, half genuine question. Of course I should have rememebered that being a Nottingham guy.
  8. [FM16] The AFF Super League - S2 Matchday Chat

    Has a father and son ever managed the same club before?
  9. India, China or Brazil please.
  10. WWE Wrestling Thread

    Wow! Mick Foley is back apparently might have to start watching again :lol: Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack >anyone ever